Is Your Business Really Making Money For You?

Are you a more hands-on type of person who really doesn't like paperwork and all of those numbers? You may have set up your own business so you can reap the rewards of your labours, but you've still got to focus on administration and, crucially, develop a budgetary plan. As you take a deep breath and sit down to work on your projections, where do you start? Paying Yourself First

How Enterprise Resource Planning Streamlines the Accounting Process for Businesses

It goes without saying that proper accounting is one of the most important functions of a business. It allows for your company to identify how its operational costs are translating into profits over a certain period of time. For many years, accounting has been done via a separate system that doesn't necessarily integrate with other business functions. This means that data from multiple departments of the business would have to be collected on a regular basis and submitted to accountants for review.